Crepundia Gioielli Contemporanei

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Crepundia Gioielli Contemporanei

Crepundia Gioielli Contemporanei was born in Bologna in 2005 in an ancient palace in the historical street “Via del Luzzo” named, probably, in honor of the family “Del Luzzo”.


Crepundia realize precious jewels made of gold, silver and bronze, often embellished with diamonds, pearls and cameos, according to the use of Italian traditional goldsmith techniques .


Crepundia’s jewels are alternative compared to the traditional jewelry , thanks to the great passion for manual work and craftsmanship .


The most important peculiarity of these jewels is their strong character. People decide to Crepundia’s jewels because they like it and not for show the price.

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The laboratory is based in Florence, in the Palace of the Goldsmiths, next to the Ponte Vecchio .

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