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Il Volo

Fabrizio Rocchi is a ceramist native of Montepulciano, but he decided to begin his activity in the picturesque setting of Sarteano, a small medieval town in the province of Siena, because, he said, it is “more authentic, less touristy than Montepulciano”.

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It is in an ancient shop of the old town, opened in 1997, that he manufactures his jewelry inspired by the Etruscan culture, because the background of the surrounding area is Etruscan, and it is impossible not to be influenced by it. Unique jewelry, with bright colours and most of all eco-friendly, in fact they are made with local clays and painted exclusively with lead-free polishes and colours. So, it seems that the inventive of Fabrizio comes from the love for his country, and the manufacture of the artefacts cannot be separated from it, from the desire to be in harmony with nature, to lead a quiet life, away from the noisy city.


Only this way he can be able to focus on his work and, through the slow rotating of the lathe and the wise smoothing of the clay, convey emotions trough his jewelry and discover moment by moment his creations while they take shape, giving rise to what originally was an idea or just a simple curiosity.Then, let’s try to “fly” with him, to experience these jewelry half old and half modern, to carefully observe the accurate engravings, among which often recur spiral patterns and to get lost in this whirl of creativity.


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