Malìa Lab

Malìa Lab
Malìa Lab is a brand designed by Flavia Amato, a young emerging designer. She was born in Soverato.  She is graduated with a degree at the Academy of Fine […]

Lorenzo Zani

Lorenzo Zani boasts a completely artisanal style of production where all the procedures are linked to the Made in Italy tradition. The ties are really unique in and handmade […]


Ecodream is a project born to create its own creative space in a world characterized by insatiable production model, where natural resources are used only to create wealth, for […]



Pyla is a collection of necklaces from the essential design in its originality, that expresses without jeopardized the concept of fashion of the creator. The entirely process of handicraft workmanship guarantees the […]

clizia ornato

Clizia Ornato

Clizia Ornato’s jewels are wearable memories. Unique pieces wandering between parallelism and cultural superimpositions: these handmade collections interrelate experience and innovation, private identity and collective imagination, dreams and reality. The […]